This is how it begins.

Welcome to the house of The Fearless Squirrel, a place where I hope to share some resources and hopefully some ideas about the crafting of Tabletop Games from a newbie perspective. Also, besides my will, a place where I will butcher the tongue of Shakespeare relentlessly, so be ready for that too.

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Introducing game: The Blind Lady

The Blind Lady is a role playing game focused on collaborative narrative. The game occurs in a fictional purgatory, the Blind Lady’s Inn, lost in the Páramo, a dimension apart from time and space.

Introducing new game: Chromonome

Chromonome is a competitive light strategy game about matching the edges of colored tiles. It is quite simple to start playing it, but digging a bit deeper, you can find its core of area control, probability management and foresight of the opponents' possible movements.

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