Chromonome: Print and Play version

Here’s a Print and Play version of the board game I’ve been working on lately. It is called Chromonome, a competitive light strategy game about matching the edges of colored tiles.

You can download the whole Print & Play pack Here.
Or if you wish you check the separated parts below in this post.

Feel free to use and modify the game, as far as you do not try to make money distributing it, everything is fine (if you do, please tell me the secret).

Please, note that this a prototype that hasn’t been play-tested and everything is preliminary, so any mistakes, typos, even design issues may be there. Any feedback will be very welcome.

I’m planning to make the raw resources available soon in case anyone wants to make variations of the game or anyone is developing a similar game and it is lacking some graphic resources.

Instructions booklet (1 file):

Board (2 files):

Score tracking dials (2 files):

Note that you will need 4 paper rivets/paper fasteners for the dials.

Playing tile sets (10 files):


  • Introducing Chromonome
  • [Comming soon] Tables+Cardmaker project to generate your own tiles
  • [Comming soon] How to mount juicy glass tiles
  • [Comming soon] Tabletop simulator version

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