Introducing Game: Question Room

Question Room is a game in which two players play the roles of a Suspect and his Interrogator in an interrogation session that’s running against the clock. 

The interrogator needs to find out the crucial information to prevent the death of people while the suspect needs to be considered innocent.

The game is meant to be a light RPG, so what’s important while playing it is to create a narration, to enjoy playing your role and have fun. 

The game is mainly based on questions and answers, so it can be played sitting in the same room or via video-conference.

All you need to play the game is:

  • A copy of the .pdf file, printed or digital.
  • A couple of dice.
  • Pen and paper.

Game duration:

  • 20 mins for a rushed interrogation.
  • 45 mins ideal.
  • 60 mins or above if you like dramatization a lot.

I had the luck that a couple of kind strangers found the game on the internet and decided to translate it into Japanese and Portuguese from Brazil. I can’t even believe there’s people so nice out there. So if you are a native speaker in either of these tongues, it’s your lucky day.

The printable version of the game is available on 100% for free, no donations suggestion nor any crap like that:

The game’s page at

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