Introducing Game: Question Room

Everything started during the quarantine, a lot of spare time, bored at home. One day I thought it would be nice to make a game that could be played in situ and with video-conference with one friend.

I always loved the interrogation scenes in TV series. They trick your brain to make you think you are smart, but moreover, they can condense a insane amounts of drama, tension and suspense with just that: one room, and two people talking at each other’s faces. But I never had the chance to play something like that. I think the main reason is because for it to work, it needs the players to be invested in the story and the interaction, not on the mechanics.

Just sat down on the computer and the game flowed. I know it’s not the best game in the world, but depending on who you play it with, it can be fun.

For the “art” of the game, just checked for old spy-themed books to grab inspiration from their style (so hard, in fact, that I found recently one old book cover about an interrogator that is almost exactly like the one I made) and I just imitated the craft of the great Tom Gauld which I love and recommend. Here are some of many iterations for the cover, I by any cosmic coincidence you feel interested:

That’s it. I hope that if you accidentally have stumbled with this page, you decide to get it (it’s FREE) and just have some fun with your friends. I really don’t care about anything else.

Well if you have feedback or suggestions to improve it, you are more than invited to share them.

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