Introducing Game: Starved?


Here are some advices on how to assemble some of the parts, mainly regarding the cards, that need their back and front to be glued together since backs are different.


If you want to print it, I recommend to print it single or double-face but with 2 pages per sheet.


The most tiring part, I know. As you can see, the backs and fronts of all cards are separated. I recommend to:

  • Back of the cards: print them on a thicker paper to make the cards opaque
  • Front of the cards: print them on a thinner paper so the resulting card is not very thick

Once you have the fronts and the backs of each kind of card printed, grab some tool that allows you to cut in straight line and proceed:

  1. Cut off the margins around the cards
  2. Cut the cards in vertical stripes
  3. Take the vertical stripes and glue the corresponding fronts and backs together (bar glue is good enough for this)
  4. Cut the stripes in cards


  1. Cut off the margins of the page
  2. Cut horizontally each banner, keeping the same color in the same stripe
  3. Then take that stripe and fold it on the middle, creating a standing paper banner


For the mats, just cut off the mats and that’s it.

Meal Beads

For the meal beads you can use any “bead” you have around in good number at home (7 per player will be more than enough). Just make sure they are not of the kind that rolls. I recommend simple dry beans.


For the buildings, just make sure that you use something that stands in place and that cannot be mistaken with the meal beads. I have plenty of small dices at home, so I use that, but anything that stays put will make it, like coins, for instance.

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